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Need for Residential Home for Mentally Challenged in Mumbai City.

It is of deep concern for parents of mentally challenged to provide care for their children, specially when their children are adults and they are not there to take care of them. In the present scenario, the living is quite expensive, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to take care of their handicap-siblings. It would be of great help if some residential facilities could be made available to ease their living. Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, centre for mentally challenged are willing to take up the project of building a residential home as soon as they are able to overcome the obstacles of collecting the funds.

Need for the project:

A need is felt at present for a spacious building which will accommodate more number of adult mentally challenged persons and for providing residential facilities with other support services.

At our present premises we are able to house only 50 adults that too without providing residential facilities which is a dire need of the Parents of Children with special needs. Such services are lacking in our area

We have successfully managed our projects in spite of various financial hurdles with the support of our parents, community and professionals.

We are hopeful of fulfilling the dream of providing and improving the quality of life to persons and their families with special needs.

Back Ground:

Mentally challenged children have little integration into our present society. Small initiatives for these children include, day schools specially catering to the challenged, when young, and in their school going years. But, as they grow older little opportunities remain in our society for any concrete measures for rehabilitation. The Trust is presently running a Vocational Training Unit (Falguni Vocational Centre) at Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, Sector 8A, CBD.
The vocational center caters to persons with special needs who attend the Centre irrespective of their age. These mentally challenged adults find solace in coming to the center for special programs designed towards their rehabilitation into society.

Vision: (Goal)

An integrated family approach for rehabilitation of the mentally challenged adults in society using an enabling environment, advocacy, and rights based approach towards educational, social, financial, vocational and economic empowerment for those mentally challenged and their families under the umbrella of Swami Bramanand Prathistahan Society.

Mission: (Objectives)

1. Rehabilitation; for the mentally challenged, using an extended family approach. (Even after death of immediate parents and guardians)

2. Social, economic and vocational empowerment for those affected families.

3. Capacity building; for the mentally challenged to lead a normal integrated life in society.

4. Enabling environment through reduction of stigma and discrimination, early interventions, rights based approach and essential advocacy with the stake holders and gate keepers of society to include Government, Non government and private agencies.

Brief detailed Project report about the proposed project in Navi Mumbai.
Point 12 a/b: How the area of plot and admissible FSI will be utilized:
Major Activities and utilization of the land acquired by the society would be the following:

Residential Facilities for adult mentally challenged

• Sheltered Workshop

At the residential Unit there will be separate accommodation for male as well as female. Besides common facilities of Dining, Recreation and Health will be provided. The Residential staff will be provided with the required facilities.

At the Sheltered Workshop the inmates along with the non residential adult mentally- Challenged will be kept engaged in activities such as

• Handicraft
• Home science
• Grinding
• Stitching & embroidery
• Pottery
• Job Work on orders received
• Any Other job available at the Centre

This will also help them in becoming economically independent to some extent.

This facility will be made available to the adult mentally challenged above the age of 21. It will also benefit the general public as jobs will be made available at the Centre. The items produced at the centre would be sold to the public. People wanting to spend their free time can offer their voluntary services.

The inmates will be charged for the services on the cost incurred. A Subsidy will be given to deserving inmates. Expenses will also be met by way of donations, sponsorship etc

Financial Projections – capital and recurring cost.

The approximate cost on the Project would be as follows

Purchase of land – Rs. 40,00,000/- approx.
Other Expenses on acquisition - Rs. 5,00,000/-
Cost on Construction - Rs. 2,00,00,000/-
Furniture & equipments - Rs. 10,00,000/-
Miscellaneous -Rs. 5,00,000/-

Recurring cost on salaries, maintenance and other activities approximately amount to Rs. 12,00,000/- per annum.

The Trust and the Parent’s Association will raise funds for the plot while the cost on construction will be by way of funding agency.

Human resources to manage the project

Human Resources

Professionals will be appointed to take care of both the units and the parents will be actively involved in the supervision of the project.

The Falguni Vocational Centre presently has staff as follows
1 Vocational Coordinator
1 Vocational Instructor
1 Special Educator cum Craft Teacher
2 Class Assistant
3 Attendants

The recurring cost incurred on salaries and other expenses amount to Rs. 4,50,000/- annually.


The Trust started its first Centre in the Shahabaz Village on 7th July 1990 with three students identified during the Survey. The classes were conducted in the Shahabaz vyam Mandir. This premise was allotted to the Trust on the recommendation of Sri. Ramesh Kumar the Social Welfare Officer of CIDCO. In spite of financial constraints the Trust was allotted a plot by CIDCO. Today Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan has a well equipped set up for the mentally challenged children in Navi Mumbai.

The Trust also started its second centre in the year 2000 at Uran. At present the activities are carried out at rental premises and catering to 30 mentally challenged children and a few young adults. This is the only Centre in the entire area of Uran. We also have plans to develop this centre in to a full fledged unit catering to the needs of the mentally challenged children/ adults and their families.


Our Institution and our students have won various awards and prizes. To mention a few in the year 1993 our student Mst. Sujit Phadnis represented India in the International Special Olympics held at Salzburg, Austria and won a gold medal for the country.

Ms. Disha Maru was the youngest participant in the National Music and dance festival held at Hyderabad organized by National Institute of the Mentally Handicapped (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment). She is also a National Swimmer and was selected as a standby for the Aquatic Event (Swimming) in the World Games 2003 organized by International Special Olympics to be held in Dublin, Ireland.

Ms. Lakshmi Shetty is also a National Table Tennis gold medalist and was selected to represent India as a standby in the World Summer Games in the International special Olympics to be held at Shanghai, China in the year 2007.

The School has won the Mayors Trophy in the sports organized by NMMC for special Children for three consecutive years. It has also received the Special Jury Award from Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in the year 2008 for a cultural program presented by the students.

The School has also received Seva Bhushan Puraskar for the services rendered in Navi Mumbai by the Congress Seva Dal of Navi Mumbai. Many students have excelled in sports, drawing, dance and music at district, state and National Level.

The Principal Mrs. Sukanya Venkataraman was awarded the ‘Adarsh Shikshak Puraskar’ by Thane Jilla Parishad, Thane.

The Founder Mrs. Shirish Poojary has also many awards and felicitations to her credit. To name a few the Vocational excellence award by Rotary Club of New Bombay Hillside given twice and Excellence Professional award on the occasion of the International women’s Day at the hands of Smt. Manda Mhatre.

The Organization it is able to provide quality education, training and all essential services to the Special children and their families of Navi Mumbai. This has been possible on account of the blessings of P.P. Swami Brahmanand along with the support and cooperation it has been receiving from the parents, well wishers and Community at large.

A plot measuring 881.20 square meters at Aaroli (Navi Mumbai) is available for residential home, if only……..


  1. Hi, I am very interested in helping out with this project. Who can I contact in India?

  2. Thank you Shachi, we will be happy with your support.

    You contact Ms Shirish poojari, Mrs Sukanya Venkatarama or Ms Pushpa Moorjani at pmoorjani@yahoo.com

    or you may call us at our school at 022-27573961

    will be happy to hear from you

    Thank you..

  3. Hi ,

    I am looking out for a residential home for my brother who is physically and mentally challenged. He is 28 years old. My mother passed away few weeks ago in a train accident and my dad passed away last year due to kidney failure. Now there is noone to take care of him. I am a married person and cannot practically take care of him.

    I am looking out for a place to keep him but have not yet found one.

    If you could help me with the same.

    my email id is

  4. iam a neurologist. i have a mentally challanged sis in law 45 yrs old. after the death of my wife i am not able to look after her. is there any residential facility any where in India for her?
    pl mail at- essar420@gmail.com

  5. hi my sister is 35 years old and she is mentally challenged.i m married and have two kids in mumbai,financially also we are not very well off.My sister is all alone as my both parents died and now no one is their to take care of her.practically for me its not possible.I am looking for a place to keep him so if you could help me.
    my email id is
    thanking you

  6. Could you please give your inputs/suggestions/advise on the following blog, I propose to start a residential home for mentally challenged where their parents could also live with them to provide love and care,

  7. Please do let us know the details of your project

  8. I have cousin brother age 21 yrs mentally challenged and he require help like hostel etc


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