Saturday, April 9, 2016

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Day falls on 2nd April. This is the day when people from all walks of life come together to spread the awareness about limitations of special children, the problems faced by their parents, teachers and their care takers and how they can overcome it to help their child to lead a normal life.

Social media plays a big role in spreading awareness, its by sharing, we can find light.

This year too, April being the 'National Poetry Writing Month' (#NaPoWriMo), a private poets' group on Facebook called 'The Significant League' encouraged the poets to submit the poems on Autism under the prompt 'Blue and Gold'

There was a huge response, such that Dr Koshi AV and Nalinili Srivastava, compiled

A Poetic Journey: An Insight into the world of Autism From the Poet’s Point of View.

Here is my poem that also appears in this anthology

A Graceful Dance

Pushpa Moorjani
There is breathless
Hush in the close
I see you move
Unaware of
Sound and fury of
My pride
Like a peacock
Spreading its wings
You dance to the rhythm
Nobody guessed
your struggle of
Stiff bones
And unstable mind
It was not easy
Many times
I almost died
To see you fall
After few graceful steps
On the floor
Unable to arise
Remember I said
“You cannot do
Leave it,
This art is not for you”
You blinked, confused when
I packed your anklets
Kept them aside
I blamed myself
For dreaming on a star
Guilt stung me like a thorn
I could not mould you
Into perfection
Of a happy child
But today,
Wide-eyed I watched
Through my night-smudged vision
You moved
Twisted and twirled
To a rhythm of your soul
Pulsing my heart
With melody
that cut like a knife
I could only hear
Audience around me
Applaud many times.
Tears blind me I see you shine
© Pushpa Moorjani. All rights reserved.
To read the poems by other poets you can visit their site at 'DIFFERENT TRUTHS"

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