Friday, March 14, 2014

How to conduct a cooking Class for Special Children

One of the activities that can be included in the training of special education is cooking.
 Teaching special children to cook is same as teaching a normal child to cook. The student may be 15years old or 20years but he/she has to be taught from the basics when he is introduced to the kitchen.
Cooking food is the fantastic way of getting children interested in healthy food habits.
Let me take you to a kitchen where a group of five students will learn to make Dhal, a traditional dish that is cooked in every home.
A proper environment should be created, where a group of children are seated comfortable (not standing together near the stove) in the kitchen.

The cooking session of Dhal can proceed with following steps

1.    Each child is given a graphic recipe of the dhal dish that they will make
2.    All the ingredients (moong dhal, water, coriander leaves, green chilies, garlic,  tomatoes, salt) are place in front of children on the table.

3.    Each child is asked to identify the ingredient by its touch, smell and taste
4.    Two children are asked to come closer to the workstation and are asked to wash the dhal with water.

5.    Children are asked to light the gas and keep dhal for boiling. One teaspoon of turmeric is added to the dhal.

While the dhal is kept to boil, the children can be involved in interactive discussion about hygiene, good eating habits or math on measurements of ingredients. Children can help in chopping tomatoes, chilies, cleaning of coriander leaves and in peeling garlic cloves.During the cooking session, children learn to apply math and reading skills as they follow recipes and measure the ingredients that they will use in the recipe. They also learn about food safety and meal planning skills. They learn about nutrition and healthy choices in fun and interactive way.

6.    When the dhal is boiled, it is lifted off from fire and churned well.
7.    Dhal is transferred back on stove.
8.    Chopped tomatoes, chilies and coriander leaves are added to the dhal.
9.    In a separate pan, oil is heated and chopped garlic is added.
10. Burnt garlic is added to the dhal.
 Recap of the method of preparation can be discussed with the class. Children are given a bowl ful of dhal to taste.

Some games can also be played as follow up after the session.

Moong Dhal
1cup moong dhal
2 cups water
2 chopped onions
2 green chilies
2 cloves of chopped garlic
1tbsp oil
salt to taste.

1.    Boil dhal in 2cups of water
2.    Add turmeric powder
3.    Keep it to cook for 15 minutes or till dhal is soft
4.    Churn the dhal and mix it well
5.    Add the chopped tomatoes
6.    Add chopped chilies
7.    Add chopped coriander
8.    Add salt
9.    In a separate pan, fry the chopped garlic till brown,
10. Pour it into the dhal
Serve with boiled rice.

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