Thursday, December 18, 2014

Living with Special Needs In India

A lot has to be done to make 'persons with special needs' life more comfortable.

Every change happens with just one short step, a step of care and concern, a step to make a difference in somebody's life, a step towards progress.

Recently I have joined Local Circle. Various communities are being formed with common goals where people are eager to give in their support. Remember Modi government has promised 'Achey Din' but he cannot do anything alone. right? We, as citizens have to come forward to help india achieve 'Achey din'

For that purpose I have stumbled upon this page on Local Circle that discusses how we can contribute in making persons with special needs life simpler.

All of us would agree to the fact that life of people with special needs or disability is very tough in India. A lot needs to be done to bring the facilities at par with the international standards. The 165,000+ strong “Transform India with Modi” online community has come together to collectively identify the key issues, the root causes and solutions for people Living with Special Needs in India. This submission is being made to the Government Leaders and the citizen community hopes that the Government will implement the identified solutions to make life for Special Needs Citizens of India, easier and better.

Only the people who live with special children understand the problems these children are facing when they venture out on the road. 

Mentally challenged people shall have to be provided privileges like health insurance coverage and specialized hospitals to be provided. Parks for children and common/general at places near colonies to be built. Traffic jams to be controlled to make pedestrians to walk freely on foot paths. Medical facilities to be provided at reasonable cost – says Gedela Naidu 
Parents of the special children spend too much money on the treatment for physical and occupational therapies and would like the government to set up such facilities at a low cost.

The Government in the centre as well as the states need to sit down and plan the requirement of the disabled/specially abled people of the requirements of their training, utilization of their mental abilities and institutions for their treatment, so that we can use such members of our society in productive spheres of activities. Their families should also be trained regarding the handling of such people in day to day life – says Rajendra Kapoor 
Time has come to form the communities of like minded people with common goal and make the change. Do go over to Local Communities for Special Children and discover how you can make a change to bring India to 'Ache Din'

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