Thursday, December 18, 2008

Disability awareness posters that were displayed at various nodes by Aarushi

During the world disability week, many posters were displayed at various nodes to spread the awareness of mental retardation

If you have a mentally challenged child you can prevent the mental retardation of your second child by seeking the medical opinion before planning the second child.

The child learns better with his friends, it is important to encourage your special child to play with normal children.

Any one can get a mentally challenged child, it has nothing to do with caste, creed or religion

Getting a mentally challenged man married will not cure his illness

It is important to ensure a proper care of the mother during her pregnancy to prevent the birth of mental chllenged child.

You can contact school and hospitals for guidance and help.

Help them with early intervention by detecting deveopment delays

They can perform better if they are given right training

If there is delay in normal development, suspect mental retardation and get early medical help.

Step by step training the child is the key to the success and improvement.

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