Monday, December 8, 2008

International day of persons with disability

What is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities about?

“Nothing about Us without Us” is the motto of this year’s International Day of the Disabled People. Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in October 1992, this day aims to raise awareness on disabled people’s rights at national and international levels.

On the 3rd December 1982, the UN General Assembly decided on the World Programme of Action for Disabled People. The United Nations committed itself and its members to promote the full participation of disabled people in social life and development as well as prevention and rehabilitation measures.

The official title of the Day was changed from International Day of Disabled Persons to International Day of Persons with Disabilities by General Assembly resolution 62/127 on 18 December 2007.

Twenty six years on, many problems are still unresolved. Disabled people are not yet fully considered within international development issues. They are still excluded from society in many countries of the world. Even where effective disability legislation is in place, the implementation lacks ideas and is hindered by negative attitudes towards disabled people. More and more, disability is now seen as a social issue which is not only based on medical reasons.

Facts and figures

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 600 million disabled people worldwide, about 10% of the world population. It is also estimated that about 80% of all disabled people worldwide live in developing countries.

Eighty per cent of persons with disabilities – more than 400 million people – live in poor countries and there is a strong link between disability and poverty. For example, the statistics on employment for persons with disabilities are staggering. In developing countries, 80 per cent to 90 per cent of persons with disabilities of working age unemployed and in industrialized countries it is estimated to be between 50 per cent and 70 per cent. The rights to education and health are also routinely denied. Ninety per cent of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school, says UNESCO.

Approximately 20 million women acquire disabilities as a result of complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

Observance of the International Day of Disabled People in Navi Mumbai
Navi Mumbai and Raigad District have less than 20 Organizations working in the field of disabilities. With tribal and rural areas to be covered and scarce resources, this year, all Organizations working for persons with disabilities in Navi Mumbai and Raigad district have joined hands to celebrate the Disability week under the banner “AARUSHI”.

“AARUSHI” through various activities from 2nd to 7th December, 2008, plans to bring about AWARENESS about various disabilities in the minds of the lay public and EMPOWER persons with disabilities and their families to live in mainstream society.

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